This page has been censored and thoroughly scrutinized.They will not disclose their names their aliases.More of this section we have allowed our oldest,recurrent and one each year. If we get to allow every of our clients to put up their testimonies,this page will be so full. So we have limited it.

Hi am called Sluggy and i am in Miami,FL. Well i have lots to say but i want to say big thanks to TOP NOTCH BILLS(TNB) and its manager Peter Locke. Well i started off with them in 2007. At first i thought this was a hoax because by then technological innovations wasn’t as advanced as today. I have bought and walked with them till today and i am very pleased to share my experience. I started off as a beggar,slept under the bridges,had no girlfriend and was the poorest man in the whole of US and the world.But today I am a proud dad of 2 girls,two house in Miami, Fleets of cars and offshore accounts. My testimonies are so many that you can begin to count. Thank you TNB and to you Mr Peter Locke.


Well i guess i have to say big shout out to TNB and the boss himself Peter Locke. I first stumble across your advert in 2008 and my spirit just told me to give it a full commitment. I sent money and received my stuff and i am a rich guy without any problems. Ehhh so sorry you can call me Ninja Tweets from Buffalo,NY and i am proud to say i am a rich guy thanks to TNB and Peter Locke.

(Ninja Tweets-Buffalo,NY)

My name is Felisha babe and i from Leeds,UK.I came across TNB in 2009 while i was in the university.I had lots and lots of tuition and debts at my desk.I didn’t know what to do.I had just £700 as my last hope.As a student, i read a lot and sort to find ways to make money online.I finally stumbled across and old advert of TNB in 2006.I thought i was going through any more,but i decided to give a try.I emailed TNB and Peter, he took some hours before replying and when we finally talked and i received my bills and paid my tuition and debts.My Husband and I have been working with TNB for long now and we are good.

(Felisha babeLeeds,UK)

Je m’appelle Bernard de France. Je connaissais TNB en 2010 et c’est la meilleure monnaie contrefaite dans le business! La qualité est extraordinaire. La sensation et le poids sont incomparables. Le design est impeccable et donc bien intégré et le service client est exceptionnel. Ma vie n’a pas été la même et je suis al gars riche à Paris maintenant. Merci TNB et Mr Peter Locke.


I’ve been working with this company for YEARS since 2011 before they even sold to the public. My company (UrbanVision) has used this counterfeit Money for many many business.  This is the perfect solution.I am Abdou and i am located in Saudi Arabia. I stumbled across this site when my company was collapsing. My English is not too good but i have learnt how to speak and write over the years. I have worked with TNB and with Mr Peter for a long time now since 2011.

(AbdouSaudi Arabia)

My name is Ed from Aussie. My story is pathetic and i am here to testify what TNB has done to me. Well i first contacted TNB on January 9,2012 and they gave me their prices and i didn’t have 750 at that moment. I had to work for the next 5 months to raise such amount. I worked hours,slept under bridges,got beaten every day by rain and snow. When i finally raised the money,the next question was whether to send the money on not. I was so so scared and i thought about it for a week.I decided to give a shot and the next question was how i could pick it up since i had no house. I finally picked it up at the UPS store and the next question was to start using. I thought i will be caught because i thought the bills wasn’t good enough. I went to a shop with just 20 aud and to my greatest surprise,i have been using my bills and i  now have houses in New Zealand and in Aussie. Even my friends are working with TNB and Mr P now and they are every happy. Thank you TNB and Mr Peter.


My name is Pablo from Quebec,Canada.I knew this company since 2013 and i have been using them till date.Their new CAD polymer bills are awesome and the best.Thank you TNB and you Peter.