These questions have been sampled out from all our transactions and these were asked by our clients. A majority,if not all of them asked the same questions . So this will save time so that all our potential clients can read through these questions-answers and we know and believe it will answer and clear their doubts.

Q. Why choose TOPNOTCHBILLS.COM for your undetected counterfeit money orders?,

A. Professionalism, Quality, and Excellent Customer Service! Our team of working IT Technicians, editors, photographers, DPs, graphic artist, business and marketing directors have collaborated to create the best undetected counterfeit money for your needs. With years of experience and the drive for excellence and quality we can say that our Banknotes are the highest quality and most affordable on the market, and our service to our clients is incomparable. And we strive to keep it this way.

Q. How do I know this is not a scam?

A. There's a saying that by their fruits, we shall know them . The is not doubt that this lucrative art has been infested with a lot of scam artist who are just out to rip people off their hard earned money . So to know if a supplier is a scam, check HIS or Her prices. A good price is worth it because its very difficult and time consuming to produce an undetected counterfeit money. Buying with us comes with 100% assurance and guarantee.

Q.Why are your prices different from others?

A. Our prices are different from others because our banknotes are of the highest quality and we do not dispute this fact. Quality things are expensive and we also put up this price to be able to have serious clients who are willing to pay the price to become rich.

Q. Do you use your bills?

A. Of course we use our bills and we are rich because we use our money.

Q.Why do you sell the bills when you can just use them?

A. This is a very pertinent question and almost all of our clients often ask. We have seasoned economists among us and we can't go about using our banknotes at a high rate because this will increase the supply of money in the economy and cause inflation. Moreover, why we sell our bills is because we want to avoid over injection of money into the economy. If we just go about distributiing money for free, then we should be ready for another economic crisis as was the case of 1920's.

Q. How fast do you ship?

A. Please order according to our schedule so that you receive your order on time. We are not responsible for delays due to ordering on a short notice unless overnight shipping is arranged. All standard orders are processed within a day and does not include weekends and holidays and shipped right after they are processed. All orders will receive a tracking number for your records after they are shipped. And yes, we monitor all of our orders shipped to make sure you have received them. Our facility ships only MondayFriday. For urgent over night orders we can arrange shipment with FedEx including Saturday deliveries. All standard orders that are placed on Friday after 4:30pm EST and weekends are processed on Sunnday and shipped next business day (Monday).

Q. I have a situation tomorrow and need your banknotes urgently! Can you over night the order?

A. Absolutely! We know the crucial times during ones life when we need money so badly and in great urgency. And understand that last minute preparations and decisions happen. We can over night your order via FEDEX or USPS. Buyer is responsible for expedited or overnight shipping cost which we will estimate for you.

Q. Does the hologram on the new style $100 banknote work?

A. Yes. It is produced and created as a functional hologram.

Q. Does the paper feel like real currency?

A. Our banknotes are printed on quality printing paper and feels like real currency.In fact it is indistinguishable to the touch and feel and is just like real currency. Our banknotes are printed on the rag paper which is made up of cotton and cellulose. Other new currencies we use the Polymer like the CAD,AUD,GBP new 5s and 10s

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Standard priority shipping within the U.S.A. is free for orders of 100K in counterfeit money or less. International shipping is subject to international shipping fees which is the responsibility of the buyer. Please note that ground shipping may be delayed due to holidays, weather or USPS services within your area. If you have a deadline on your need please order at an appropriate time so that you get your counterfeit money on time. We are not responsible for post office delays or holiday delays.

Q. How do I pay for my counterfeit money order?

A. All payments are processed through BTC , Cash App and Money transfers Please note, due to strict security reasons we do not accept personal checks, company checks, money orders, cashier checks, bank transfers, credit card payments over the phone or store credit card information as a request.

Q. How detailed is your counterfeit money?

A. Our counterfeit money is specially made to keep up with the fast growing high definition technological changes in  Counterfeit Money detecting machines like IR,MG,RGB,3D sensor devices.Using rag and crisp paper to avoid errors,raise printig to match notes.Holograms and watermarks as well as different serial numbers are present in our bills making it 100% authentic to be used freely without any problems.Features include strip holograms,reflective ink,security threads,micro text and color change ink. The details are very sharp and from these features, you can deduce that our bills are top notch. Our banknotes are professionally and industrially manufactured

If you have unanswered questions please contact us by clicking here. We will respond to your calls, text and emails ASAP. Yes, ASAP!  All of our calls, text and emails are answered in a very timely manner due to how important and time sensitive your production is.